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Introducing GearCare
Accidental Damage Repair Warranty
with your iSkin Case
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iSkin Case + Accidental Damage Warranty for your iPhone
When you purchase select iSkin cases with GearCare for your iPhone, it comes with 1 full year accidental damage repair warranty. Simply keep your iPhone protected in your iSkin case and register your iPhone with GearCare – No fees, no contracts, no worries.

What's Covered

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Cracked Screen • Display Problems • Touch Sensors • Logic Board • Camera & Flash • Physical Buttons • Earphone & Charging Port • Sound & Microphone • GPS & • Compass • Cellular & WiFi Antenna • Power & Charging

Moisture & Splash Damage and more.

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No Monthly Fees or Up-Front Costs

Unlike similar repair warranty services, you never have to worry about being billed mothly or expensive premiums. When you purchase your iSkin case, one full year of coverage is included– just register your device and it's covered–all for the price of your iSkin case.

Coverage begins 30 days following registration and will end 12 months later from the registration date. Claim service fees may apply.

365 Days of Full Coverage Included

GearCare is there to protect your iPhone's screen, systems and circuits against accidental damage for one full year (365 days).  It's ideal for hand-me-down devices, previously owned devices or devices that have no warranty at all.

Fast, Hassle Free Repair or Replacement

In the unlikely event your iPhone becomes accidentally damaged while protected by your iSkin case, you can contact the GearCare call-center for immediate repair. Your GearCare registered iPhone will be assessed and repaired by certified technicians – or if required, replaced with the same or similar model.


To make a claim call: (888) 299-5534

View GearCare Warranty Terms and Conditions
(Mon-Fri 8:30AM to 5:30PM)

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