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Realtime Video/Audio Capturing and Recording on your Mac, PC or Linux Computer.

KAPCHR takes you beyond your built-in webcam to give your audience broadcast quality video and audio direct from your DSLR, professional video camera, AV mixing board or audio source.

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Capture Everything in HD Quality

KAPCHR is the only AV dongle of its kind to provide an extra and independent input for controlled audio input. Connect mixers, microphones and A/V boards for combining various audio sources with full 16bit / 48Hz quality.

KAPCHR lets you connect your DSLR or any HDMI equipped video source to capture full 1080P 60Hz video at fluid 60FPS (with audio) directly to your computer.

Extra Audio Input

1080p Video

Best of Both Worlds

A Big Difference

KAPCHR lets your DSLR take over from your built-in webcam for rich, sharp video with the depth and exposure control you've always wished for.

DSLR Camera

Typical Built-in Webcam

USB 3.1 symbol kapchr


KAPCHR enables fluid, high-definition video and audio capturing over USB 3.0 at up to 350Mb/sec. with any video app including QuickTime, WireCast, Twitch, OBS and many more – no drivers, no special software.

(Mac or PC with USB 3.0 Required)

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Size is Everything

Compact and built for the mobile user, KAPCHR sports a metallic body for maximum performance and durability – with low operating temperature.

USB Capture card for DSLR and Twitc

KAPCHR works with DSLR / DSLM / DSLT cameras from Panasonic, Sony, Olympus, Canon and others.

Connecting to pc with hdmi

HD Video Quality

Get pure 1080p (1920x1200) high bitrate video and audio straight from any HDMI source at  up to 350 mbps

smooth 60 frames video

Fluid Motion

KAPCHR captures at a high frame rate of 60 fps for smooth, fluid video quality.

Stream 16Bit 48Hz Audio

Independent  Audio Input

independent 3.5mm audio input lets you capture audio at 16Bit / 48Hz (PCM).

high speed usb 3

USB 3.0 High Speed Connectivity

Get ultra-high quality video capture up to 350 mbps with KAPCHR built-in USB 3.0 port.


 DSLR’s and Camcorders

Use your DSLR and Video Cameras as high-quality web cams for live streaming via HDMI


HD Video Quality

Get pure 1080p gameplay from your game console and broadcast in realtime in Twitch and others.

MacOS X vs Windows 10 vs Linux

Multi-Platform Compatible

Driver free, plug'n'play compatibility with your Mac, PC or Linux devices.

Plug and Play PNP

Driver-Free Connectivity

Easy and simple plug and play connectivity without drivers or special software.

Solid State Video

Premium Components

Made with premium components that stay cool during long operation for reliable  on-board transcoding

OBS broadcasting live video

OBS Ready

Use KAPCHR with OBS or your favourite transcoding software for the ultimate broadcasting system.

OBS / QuickTime, FaceTime, Skype, XSplit, LigtStream,VLC, Twitch, WIrecast, XVid, eCamm, BeLive, SmileTime, BlueJeans, Crowdcast, Periscope and many more.



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