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iSkin Launches "For Business" - A new service that help businesses and institutions source

Businesses need Custom Accessory Solutions for an effective mobile device strategy.

The positive impact of the use of mobile devices and accessories in business is substantial. Whether you’re a small business, large corporation or institution, mobile devices have become an integral part of critical operations.

iSkin, we recognize that each business is unique and each has specific needs. Much of the time, over the counter accessory solutions do not provide the desired outcome and the one-size-fits-all option is not effective for business use.

For Business™ by iSkin is a result of a growing demand for custom accessory solutions by businesses embracing the use of mobile technology. Custom accessory solutions can help businesses create ideal workforce solutions by utilizing mobile phones and tablets paired with tailored accessories to enhance their functionality. Tailored accessory solutions can also help extend the life of the device(s)and ultimately protect investments, increase productivity and minimize downtime.

How can iSkin help your business? iSkin’s experienced product consultants listen to business owner’s needs and identify the best and most cost-effective ways to achieve strategic goals. With over 17 years of product sourcing, design, development and manufacturing experience the iSkin team is able to identify the best accessory solutions available on the market or simply help businesses develop custom solutions that fit operational needs – regardless of budget.

iSkin For Business™ specializes in mobile accessories that include: cases, bags and carriers, power and charging, wireless connectivity, audio, stands and enclosures, screen protection, weather proofing and more.

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