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iSkin Bundle (Claro + Titan Screen Protector + Lightning Cable Bundle) for iPhone XR 6.1"

Final Sale!

iSkin Claro for iPhone XR 6.1"

It’s What’s Inside that Counts!

The iPhone X line exudes beauty and elegance of craftsmanship and design. With beauty abound, protecting the iPhone X is as important as ever. The clear thinking iSkin Claro delivers effective, daily drop and impact protection with simplicity and purity – letting the true beauty of your iPhone shine through.


Anti-Staining Finish

Claro features a fused protective back layer that resists stains. It also gives the Claro its lustrous high-gloss finish and premium hand feel.


Impact Protection

Don’t let it’s simple good looks fool you, Claro is tough on protecting your iPhone from everyday hazards and protects against drops from up to 8ft. Elevated screen edges keep your iPhone’s screen safe from facedown placement and helps to avoid overall scratching.


Get a Grip

The iPhone X finish is gorgeous as it is slick. The iSkin Claro features a rubberized edge along its sides to allow for a firmer grip.

Say Cheese!

The iSkin Claro increases the height around the iPhone’s camera giving it a slight recess to protect against damage. This feature also allows the iPhone X to sit flat at all times when placed on a desk or table.


Wireless Charging Intact

The awesome convenience of wireless charging is left intact when using your iPhone with the Claro. Simply place your iPhone X with Claro on any wireless charger to begin charging.


Fit and Flexible

Claro is designed to fit perfectly. Its flexible non-toxic (no BPAs, Phthalates or Lead Compounds) composition lets it protect volume and power buttons from wear, and snuggly secures against drops by absorbing the energy from accidental impacts. Claro is made with a durable thermoplastic resin that’s clear yet durable and lasting.


iSkin Titan Screen Protector for iPhone XR (6.1")

Made with Silk Glass by Asahi
Hardness 9H
Oleophobic (Resists finger oils)
Scratch Resistant
Multi-layer Design
Bubble Free Easy Install
3D Touch Capable
0.3mm Thick


About PowerSync Cable

The iSkin PowerSync cable gives you quality chagring and syncing for all iPhone, iPad, Apple Pencil and AppleTV remote. It's designed with durable nylon and is Made for iPhone approved by Apple. PowerSync measures 3ft (1Meter) in length.

Claro+Titan Screen Protector+Lightning Cable Bundle (iPhone XR 6.1")

SKU: ISKclarotitancable-XR
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$29.69Sale Price