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Now there's finally a small, powerful charger designed to quickly charge your iPhone 6/6S, 6/6S Plus and your iPad safely and efficiently. 

TurboCharger Time

Efficiency and Power = Faster Charging.
TurboCharger 2.4A is designed to safely charge your iPhone 6/6S and 6/6S Plus twice as fast. It achieves this by utilizing the iPhone's built-in 2AMP charging capability and efficient and maximum power delivery.



Certified for Safety.
TurboCharger 2.4A is fully certified by the FCC and Underwriters' Laboratory worldwide safety agency. Plus, we have selected high-quality, reliable and efficient components to make the TurboCharger home-friendly and safe for everyone.


TurboCharger -Charges everything
How does the TurboCharger charge my iPhone 6/6S or 6/6S Plus faster?
A. The iPhone is able to fully accept 2 AMP charging even though Apple ships it's original 1AMP charger with it. The TurboCharger is a 2.4Amp charger and operates very efficiently so the iPhone is able to self-regulate the power from the TurboCharger to it's maximum capacity– taking half the time to charge.
Can I use the TurboCharger to charge my iPhone 4 or 5?
A. Yes! The TurboCharger is a 5V USB charger that outputs up to 2.4 AMPs. Your iPhone self-regulates the power it needs to charge and will simply accept 1AMP from the TurboCharger.
Can I use the TurboCharger to Charge my iPad Pro?
A. Yes! The TurboCharger is powerful enough to charge any iPad including the iPad Pro. 
How big is the TurboCharger?
A. The TurboCharger measures approximate 1"x1"x1". Approximately the same size as the Apple iPhone Charger.