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TurboCharger charges your iPhone twice as fast!

TurboCharger charges your iPhone twice as fast!

The Little iPhone Charger with Big Performance- iSkin Turbo Charger (12.5W) 2.4AMP charges iPhone 6/6S and 6/6S Plus faster – works with iPad too.

What if someone told you a simple change in routine and using the biggest little charger in the world could save you about 2 Hours per day, 14 Hours per week, 728 Hours per year, that would be sweet, right? Before we go deeper, let me put this in perspective. The total savings in time/productivity is the equivalent to about 30 Days (One Month) per year. We are talking about recoverable lost productivity. The time it takes to fully charge your mobile phone is time wasted being spent tethered to a USB (Power Supply).

Compared to the Apple iPhone 1A Charger, TurboCharger can charge using 2.4A - Twice as fast! The iPhone 6/6S and 6/6S Plus are designed to safely charge at this rate without affecting battery performance or life.

We started with the largest of the iPhones, iPhone 6 Plus. It possesses a sizeable battery coming in at 2915mAh. Using the provided standard iPhone charger @ 1Amp it takes approximately 2.9 Hours to charge from 0 to 100%, when utilizing an iPad charger @ 2 Amps the charging time shrinks to 1.5 Hours. 


The iSkin Turbo Charger runs at an efficient 90%, thus most of the 2.4Amps is directed at the efficient iPhone 6 Plus Battery Management System which allows up to 2.4Amps, thus increasing the rate of device charge, in testing we achieved close to 1HR from 0%-100% using the iSkin Turbo Charger.

Here's a TIP!
For even faster charging, place your iPhone in airplane mode to reduce CPU and background activity. This takes all radios offline, including the WiFi so power goes directly to charging the iPhone's battery.

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