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Why the iSkin Claro is the best clear case for your iPhone.

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Why the iSkin Claro is the best clear case for your iPhone.

At iSkin, we’ve been innovating our protective case designs since 2002 starting with the original iPod. Back then, we learned that many of our customers wanted an iSkin that was colorless, low profile and allowed the device it was protecting to shine through.

iskin claro for iphone 6S

We launched our very first Claro for the iPod back in 2005. It was an instant hit. Everyone loved the dual-layered design that featured a soft silicone inner layer fortified by a scratch resistant, ultra-clear poly-carbonate exterior layer.

Fast forward to today and the iSkin Claro is still a major part of the iSkin product line up. We’ve listened to customer feedback over the years and made improvements on what we think is the best clear case on the market, the Claro.

Customers voiced their opinions that hard cases were not ideal. They scratch, crack and did little to protect the device directly. So it made sense to create a product that was ultra-transparent, but protective like a soft case, the best of both worlds.

First off, the Claro is made with non-toxic additives (no BPA's, Phalates or Lead) encapsulated in a premium thermoplastic. This material is great and was introduced to the iPhone case market by iSkin in 2007 with the advent of our first iSkin Solo. The Claro uses a premium, thermoplastic that is soft and shock absorbing. Unlike hard poly-carbonate cases, the Claro doesn't crack or break when dropped on a hard surface. Instead it absorbs drops and cushions the iPhone inside.

iskin claro clear sky

Secondly, we added a nano-texture on the Claro’s interior. This texture prevents smearing when handled and is near invisible to the naked eye. Nothing’s worse than having a clear case with finger smears on the inside.

Thirdly, we added a stain and scratch resistant exterior layer that keeps the view of your iPhone clearly intact. The overall body is glass-like, making the iPhone it’s encased in look polished as if covered by a crystal layer.

iskin claro blue

Finally, we added a flash-glare prevention zone around the camera to protect against possible flash glare, this can appear in photos taken when using the flash. Clear cases are notorious for causing a halo effect on photos when using the flash in dark environments. This is due to the flash reflecting off the clear material of the case and impacting the camera’s lens.

As a bonus, we added hues. Claro is also available in three additional colours: pink, blue and purple. Each color offers a glass-clear view with just the right vibrant tint of color. 

We’re sure our customers will love the iSkin Claro. It’s low profile, provides a confident grip and enhances the look of the iPhone while protecting it from daily hazards. It’s available for iPhone 5/5S, iPhone SE, iPhone 6/6S and iPhone 6/6S Plus.

Learn more about Claro here.


  • Zoel

    protective case Sal’s IPhone SE. Stop Air links which are not secured.

  • Liz

    The lightning-jack dust flap is far from optimal, though. If you charge overnight, the flap gets used to being up and takes a whole day for it to stop lifting back up again. Thus, it’s not actually doing much to keep out dust during the day…

    Also, it’s not compatible with the Titan glass. When you depress a button (either power or volume), the edge of the case rides up on the edge of the glass and forces it to bubble (and/or crack, in my case, and I just got the damn thing a week ago).

    Ye be warned.

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