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iSkin Vera Folio announced for iPad Pro 9.7"

iSkin Vera Folio announced for iPad Pro 9.7"

Say hello to Vera Folio!


Designing the right case for the iPad Pro 9.7" isn't simply about drop protection. It's also about functionality, versatility and style.

Starting with a classic, fashionable leather look, the Vera folio screams hand crafted sophistication. Its classy looks are accompanied by a slew of thoughtful design ideas that makes it an ideal iPad Pro companion.

The Vera Folio is talented. It transforms from typing/drawing mode to movie stand mode and features a nifty way to latch around your arm for additional security when on the go – and speaking of security, this folio features a dependable latch to prevent its contents from falling out.


We are very excited to deliver this product to our beloved customers. It's the best way to protect the new iPad Pro 9.7" and can be taken to a boardroom or a classroom without compromising its iSkin promise to protect and enhance.

Look for the Vera Folio in late April.

Learn more about the Vera Folio here. 




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