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New! Apple iPhone SE and iPhone 5 Compared

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New! Apple iPhone SE and iPhone 5 Compared

After many prototype and leaked photos, the iPhone SE arrives looking quite similar to the iPhone 5S it replaces–and dimensionally it's identical.

But hey, as we always say here at iSkin : it's what's inside that counts. Inside the iPhone SE, Apple has packed the same amount power as an iPhone 6S–that' a lot. We've had nothing short of a "wonderful" time using our iPhone 6S and 6S Plus– so having this kind of power in the palm of one hand will be fantastic.

It also has an upgraded camera with 4K support, plus better graphics and battery performance. Who can ask for more and want to pay less? We can! The iPhone SE starts at $399 USD!

Remember though, the iPhone SE has glass around it's rear camera and lower antenna area. This means the having iSkin case protection is a great way to keep it safe from drops and scratches– front and back.

See our collection of cases for the iPhone 5S / SE cases here.


iPhone SE and iPhone 5S dimensions





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